New Digs for BBC News

BBC’s New Broadcasting House is finally taking off with the move of BBC World News this month. Despite running late and over budget, the building is certainly impressive and holds much potential with respect to its goals. Successful collaboration however will take more than just a unified physical location, the right processes and journalist mindset needs to be in place.

Editorial control of talk shows in South Africa

Freedom of speech in South Africa was dealt a serious blow recently by a decision to centralise editorial control of all SABC radio talk shows. The blanket directive covers content related to political issues and governance and has caused an uproar by many media activist groups in the country. For now, the public have little choice but to hope that any political meddling will be exposed through alternative channels.

NewsGame Launches

Welcome to NewsGame. This is a brief, ‘Hello World‘ introductory post to officially relaunch the website. NewsGame is a content site aimed at providing alternative perspectives and the latest developments in the news industry. This includes both online and offline broadcasting/ publishing. For more information on this website and to contact the team, please visit […]