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NewsGame Blog imageAll about the NewsGame site, future development ideas and requests for articles. Stay tuned for NewsGame writing contests on the media industry and its issues, challenges and opportunities. These will be open to both journalism students and industry participants around the globe. Below is a selection of the recent NewsGame update posts since its relaunch in 2012.

Style Guide Basics

All new writers and journalists should become familiar with at least The Associated Press Stylebook, and the Chicago Manual of Style. Usage rules and even spelling may vary between the standards, but the key to good writing remains simplicity and consistency.

NewsGame Launches

Welcome to NewsGame. This is a brief, ‘Hello World‘ introductory post to officially relaunch the website. NewsGame is a content site aimed at providing alternative perspectives and the latest developments in the news industry. This includes both online and offline broadcasting/ publishing. For more information on this website and to contact the team, please visit […]